I saw something like this coming. One of my dear friends, Sarah Le Vallois from narrow boat ‘Pride of Nuffield’ told me she had just listened to the album I released in 2015 (just search Sanity Bypass on your preferred music streaming service) and told me the words of the title track, ‘Safety Pin’ are so poignant for what’s happening today during these strange and worrying times. The spooky thing is we were listening to Apple Music this evening and I just ask Siri to play some random stuff on our Homepods and low and behold it played that song – spooky or what! Anyway, have a listen and see what you think. By the way – this video was never released officially but is not a bad illustration of what I am singing about.

I think the time has come to write my next album as I have a lot to get off my chest. Would be cool to do the whole thing aboard the boat and maybe do a vlog covering the process – what do you think? Give me your comments on Twitter.