I don’t usually get political on this blog or indeed on any boating or alternative lifestyle forums including groups on facebook etc but I am now beginning to get quite annoyed with people that are going along with everything they hear on the mainstream media. This post is aimed at providing the facts about the current Covid-19 situation as well as some examples of what REAL people are saying and feeling about it.

Just as an example of something you most certainly never heard on the BBC et al is that on the 16th Sept 6 people died where corona virus was ‘mentioned’ and 4 of those were over the age of 80. What I wuld love to know us what the Office of National Statistics means by ‘mentioned’. Around 10 times that amount died of common flu.

Let’s start by watching to some REAL people talking about how they see the current situation and how they are feeling.

“You can’t see a virus but you CAN see a pandemic”


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Of the deaths registered in Week 36 (week ending 4th Sept 2020), 78 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 25 weeks and a 22.8% decrease compared with Week 35 (a difference of 23 deaths), accounting for 1.0% of all deaths in England and Wales.

As you can see from the graph above influenza and pneumonia deaths far outweigh the deaths where CV-19 was ‘mentioned’. This virus CAN NOT be isolated in any test and includes all corona viruses, even fragments which in essence makes the testing highly innacurate. Cases are not deaths.

Face masks were made mandatory in the UK at the start of July when CV-19 deaths were aleady much lower than flu deaths. If face masks made any difference why are flu cases at the normal yearly levels, surely they should be almost zero too.

“If face masks work then why are flu deaths higher than CV-19?”