I don’t need too much of an excuse to get the drone up into the air but Gayton Marina came across some of my photos on social media and got in touch to ask if I could do some aerial shots of the marina. Of course I was happy to do so as it’s our home mooring. For those wondering yes, I am a professional photographer (and graphic designer) and have liabilty insurance up to £5m as well as being licensed for both leisure and commercial (CAA) use.

I state this because I am aware that their a lot of people out there that moan about rogue drone users and to be utterly blunt, going by what I read in narrow boat groups on facebook, boaters seem to have become professional whingers. Sorry but that’s how I see it now and everyone can see that by simply logging into Facebook on such groups as NUG and Canal Marketplace. Such a shame.

Anyway, with that said I had a wonderful time taking some shots just before sunset at the marina and ABC seem to be delighted with the shots. Have a look for yourself from this little selection and see what you think. If you wait a moment the gallery will auto play and if you want to see a picture a little latger then just click on it.